Arts on the Credit: Tour- This Weekend

NEW Name –As Arts on the Credit evolves, our art tour has taken on a new name, Arts on the Credit: TOUR..

NEW Date – The tour has moved to an earlier date;  Saturday, September 23rd  11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  and Sunday, September 24th, 11 a.m.-4 p.m. to take advantage of more favourable walking weather, since this event has become a very walkable experience.

NEW Artists & Locations – Many favourites are returning, but you will discover new artists as well, exhibiting at some new shops that have come on board, all along Lakeshore Road in Port Credit.

“This year is the eighth tour and The Tour presenting some amazing work from local artists and will also include some artists from the greater GTA”, commented Payne, founder and one of the organizers along with Elysia Prokopetz. “Our reputation is spreading as an organization that presents only quality work, attracting participation from further afield,” says Prokopetz.

The tour takes place along Lakeshore Road in the east, central and west village of Port Credit. As always the tour is FREE, is walkable and accessible; with thousands of quality art related gifts available just in time for the coming holiday season! For those visitors who complete the tour & submit their “tour passport” there will be some fabulous draw prizes donated by the artists.

A map is available on the tour’s website which also has detailed information about this year’s participating artists.


Arts on the Credit: Tour

Artists’ Profiles


Hosted by My Secret Kitchen, Sandra Sobolewski, founder of Claymore Ceramics, works out of the Mississauga Potter’s Guild. Sandra is a new, up and coming potter. At Claymore Ceramics, creates colourful, functional pieces that are food and drink safe, as well as microwave and dishwasher proof. The agateware is one of their most popular lines, featuring coloured clay or porcelain mixed with white. The patterning seen on these pieces is created from the centripetal force created by the throwing process on the wheel. The patterning is always different so each pieces is a One of a Kind item.


Modern Theory Institute will host Sjon de Groot, Sandra Robson, Alison Syer, Jacqeline Neves, and Brenda Brown.

Sjon de Groot principally works in oils, using a combination of traditional European and North American techniques. The work is bold and multi-dimensional, an expression in colour of a South African coming to terms with his adopted land; and combining his African and North American experience with the influence of his Dutch artist ancestors. Defying genre, Sjon creates to his own agenda, using his art to express, question, and start conversations.

Sandra Robson was born in Toronto, but grew up on a farm. There were no crayons, pencils or paper; but it didn’t suppress a natural tendency to draw. She used sticks, rocks, sand and even snow. It didn’t matter if it washed away – because tomorrow was the opportunity to start fresh.

Years of graphic design, art direction and creating illustrations; brought her full circle back to her painting roots. Tapping into intuition; Sandra utilizes experience to guide her through her paintings. Inspired by people, laughter, nature and music – she loves every day and the possibilities it


Alison Syer’s approach combines curiosity and a love of colour and texture, with concern for environmental issues. Inspired by natural imagery, such as trees, flora, and most notably butterflies, as well as by personal experiences and emotions. The positive and negative sides of human emotion interest her, and she aims to express these themes in her work through my choices of subject, colours, and combinations of heavy and delicate fabrics.

Jacqeline Neves, an Eco Conscious, animal loving Artisan, who makes all her jewellery & accessories with love, in a joyful, smoke free, eco-friendly atmosphere. All her jewellery is Fair Trade and Ethical! Most of the materials she uses are purchased locally and she uses the highest quality materials. She upcycles as many vintage & post-consumer materials as possible. Her designs are deeply influenced by nature, water & her faith.

Brenda Brown is very active in the art communities in the area, the Harbourside Painters of Canada and the Womens’ Art Association of Canada to name a few. She developed her painting and photography skills by taking courses and attending seminars to learn specific techniques and styles to advance her knowledge of all things ‘art’.


Ladybug Harbor will host Dorothy Kake and Kathy Fenton

Dorothy Kake has always been interested in crafts and all things miniature. She has dabbled in many different crafts and read any craft publication I could get my hands on. An article on decorating eggs caught my eye because it seemed to be a craft that incorporated so many different skill sets. Inspired by Faberge, Dorothy adapts his work into her original designs. “Egging” combines so many different crafts, from miniature dioramas, to painting, beading, pysanky, carving and etching.

Kathy Fenton born in Durban, South Africa but grew up in Ottawa. After an extensive 10 year career as a marketing and sales executive she found herself re-examining her career aspirations and deciding corporate life wasn’t her destiny and that it was time for her to return to her artistic roots. Kathy then pursued her creative interests by taking several classes in jewelry design, beading and metal work, many of which were held at the Burlington Art Centre. She finally found her true calling by combining her love of jewelry with her love of art, and in 2010 launched her new career as a jewelry designer.


Pazan Gallery – Port Credit local artist Marcelo Pazan will showcase his work at Pazan Gallery as well as Craig Ewing.

Marcelo Leonardo Pazán is both a traditional and a computer graphic artist. Originally from Cuenca, Ecuador, Pazán now lives in Port Credit.Over the past thirty years, Pazán has created a variety of traditional and computer graphic art pieces which have displayed his multifaceted interests in design, colour, and texture. Pazán has been exhibiting his works of art since 1992 and now has a permanent exhibit at his own art gallery and studio: Pazán Gallery. He now works as a full-time professional artist and is the owner of the Pazán Gallery located in Mississauga. Pazán Gallery, is a socially conscious art gallery committed to bringing professional and affordable art services to the local community while showcasing Canadian artistic talent and businesses. Pazán Gallery, believes art should be accessible to all who appreciate its power to inspire and motivate the human spirit.

Craig Ewing has been designing one-of-a-kind pieces for over 10 years. He designs with great pride when creating wearable art for everyday wear as well as pieces for special occasions. His inspiration can be found in fashions from the art deco era of the 1930s to the post-war flare of the 1950s. Craig designs and creates these magical pieces in his home studio. Pearls are strung by traditional methods; natural stones and supple leathers are painstakingly united with the daintiest of hand-stitches; and crystals are accented with the finest beads and finishes available. Most pieces are built one tiny bead at a time.


Splash of Charm hosts: Tammy Warren, Belinda Carmichael, Janet Mercer, and Nancy Phillips.

Tammy Warren has a passion for creating jewellery. She enjoys the fluid lines that could be created and the endless design possibilities. She will often include semiprecious stones with her wire components to add colour and interest to her creations.


After moving to London, Belinda Carmichael entered the fashion jewellery industry as a designer for ‘Angie Gooderham’. Inspiration came from international fashion weeks, travelling through Italy, France and the Czech Republic, visiting bead makers and designers, and shopping at bazaars and markets. Getting back to the design room, Belinda felt like the proverbial kid let loose in a candy store. It was like her mother’s button tin all over again but on a much larger scale! Since making Canada her new home, Belinda has returned to the traditional jewellery bench on a mission to indulge in her passion for designing and creating beautiful personalized jewellery with a sleek, classic feel, but with a contemporary look.

Janet Mercer is extremely enthusiastic about her work and that passion shows in every piece she creates. Every one of Janet’s works is hand crafted, with an attention to detail that is rarely surpassed by any other stained glass artist. From conception to completion every detail is scrutinized. Her lines or “joins” are made to be as smooth and flowing as possible. Glass is carefully selected for appropriate colour and texture to ensure that the resulting artistry connects with her audience. It is this attention to detail that has seen her work collected internationally.

Watercolour painting has been Nancy Phillips’ medium of choice for the past 3 years. It has its own magic! It both respects its own space and moves beyond it, creating a unique blend of colour and creativity! From a very young age she have experimented with various mediums, such as pencil, wax, oils, acrylics and even woodwork. Nancy belongs to a group of artists called “The Guilty Artists of Port Credit”. This group has been an amazing source of encouragement and support to her, as she has begun to seek more opportunities to share her watercolour paintings with others and participate in art shows.


Birds & Bees Clothing host: Helen Benninger, Jim Kinnie, and Amanda Shotton

Helen Benninger is a maker. She needs to make things! Her tool of choice is a threaded needle. Her mother and grandmother sewed, Helen was fascinated by the process from an early age. She watched her mother and bugged her to let her make things. She finally taught Helen to use her good old Singer sewing machine so that she could get a little peace- Helen has been sewing, embroidering, beading, and stitching ever since. Helen has sewed costumes in a number of theatres around Ontario including several seasons with the Stratford Festival.

Jim Kinnie’s jewellery remained pretty basic and simple until a few years ago when he was asked to be part of a multi-artist show in Georgetown. He identifies that invitation as a turning point in his jewellery creations. Feeling that only works of art should be in a gallery show, he knew he had to attempt some things that he had never tried before. He was very surprised when he took his new work to preview them at the market the morning they were to be delivered to the gallery in the afternoon. He sold every piece at the market…and was then forced to stay up until the wee hours of the morning creating new pieces to suit the labels and prices previously posted. Influenced by the Caribbean and lovely beach holidays, his work is colourful and playful. This season, a summer trip to Moreno was a real inspiration and he has been having a great time working with beads he found there.

Amanda Shotton has been exhibiting all over Mississauga recently so you may have caught one of her recent art exhibits. “I love art since it challenges you, you study and learn, through trial and error, through watching and learning from others. Life experiences change you, and how you see things. Learn the rules, so as an artist you can break them and find your own unique style,” says Shotton.

Port Credit Library hosts: Elysia Prokopetz, Zsuzsa Monostory, Carol-Ann Michaelson, Nada Annan, Michelle Miwa, Jane Peryer, and Sarah Nemeth.

As Elysia Prokopetz explores the endless possibilities of glass through continuing glass courses, workshops and her own experimentation, my passion for glass fusion grows. The copper butterfly inclusion in each piece represents her personal philosophy that as with all things in life, change is inevitable and by letting go, evolving with the change, you can only become what you should be. Her pieces are functional, decorative and food safe. All pieces are designed from glass that is handpicked, hand cut by Elysia, some incorporating recycled blown glass, blown by herself. The piece is then formed through a 2 or 3 stage process in my kilns; fused at temperatures depending on the glass or look. Then slumped or draped in/over molds, some of which she created.

Zsuzsa Monostory born and raised in Hungary, and received her diploma in biology at ELTE University in Budapest. She came to Canada with her family in 1989. Self-taught fulltime ceramic artist her inspiration comes from architecture, nature, all things living. She strives to bring the gestures of human connections and relationships to life in my work.

Carol-Ann Michaelson over the years she has produced work in fibre, mixed media, wood, drawing and painting. But ceramics has been her first love for over 30 years. Clay has a unique combination of aesthetics and technical, chemical, pyrotechnical and physical challenges that have perfectly suited who she is. That, too, is why Metal Clay is the perfect medium for this stage in her life as an artist. While the final, fired product is, indeed, fine or Sterling silver or gold or bronze or copper, it begins its journey with Carol-Ann as a material that works like clay.

Nada Annan has been painting most of her life since graduating, from the Beirut Academy of Fine Art in Lebanon. Her work has been exhibited internationally in numerous solo and group shows in Lebanon, England, Cyprus, United States (California) and Canada. Nada has been working as an art instructor at Visual Arts Mississauga since 2008 and also gives private lessons in art, using both oils and acrylics. 

Michelle Miwa has been a fused glass jewellery artist for over eight years. She loves the way light moves through glass and have been able to capture light, water, the four seasons and vibrant abstract designs in my unique pieces. It is a challenge to create beautiful effects of light and glass within the small surfaces of pendants and earrings. Each piece is hand cut, designed and built into beautiful wearable art. They are created using quality art glass and dichroic glass, then fused several times and annealed in a kiln.

Born in New Zealand, Jane Peryer moved to Canada in 2003. Having not seriously painted since high school, she decided to pick up a brush again in about 2005. Only recently I resolved to paint as often as possible and try to produce a decent sized body of work. Her paintings have been getting gradually bigger so that 24×30 gallery canvases are now my favourite. Currently Jane paints what ever gets my creative juices flowing

Sarah Nemeth believes that art should be meaningful as well as beautiful, and that there is nothing more meaningful than our own stories.







Woodcarver Bill Barkhouse and Textile artist Linda Barkhouse will be showcasing their work in their very own Bill Barkhouse Studio. They will also host George Christou.


Metal worker George Christou projects are called Eco-Art. “Found” objects serve as the medium for his creations. He gets much personal satisfaction knowing that he has reused something that would have gone into our landfills. Using his creativity and somewhat different perspective, he uses these materials to create whimsical and diverse sculptures. Experimenting with different processes and techniques has allowed George to learn and develop his capabilities.