Do you Know an Outstanding Local Business?

The Stars of Mississauga South is to celebrate and recognize small businesses in Mississauga South that are unique and make our community shine. All nominated businesses will be publicly recognized at a ceremony on October 11th, 2017 and a winner will be chosen in each category.

The 2017 Stars of Mississauga South Nomination form is officially posted! This year we have changed a few things. We now have our nomination form online and we have changed a few of the categories. Please see below for a complete list and descriptions of categories. However, there are still seven awards to be won. In order for a business to win a Stars of Mississauga South award, they only need one nomination. Individuals are allowed to nominate as many businesses as they like. The form will close on September 1st, 2017. Get your nominations in now before you forget!

Click here to nominate a business

Please nominate a business within these boundaries: from Winston Churchill Blvd across to Etobicoke Creek and from Lake Ontario up to the Queensway.

Here are the award categories:

Community Impact Excellence Award – This award will be given to a business who best demonstrates a positive impact in the community in which they operate and has taken positive action to invest in that community via community relations, volunteer involvement and/or financial support of community based activities or groups. A Nominee should display extraordinary social responsibility and enthusiasm by its total benefit to the community, amount of time, effort, and/or any other form of leadership given in the community.

Retail Service Excellence Award – This award will be presented to a business in the retail sector who demonstrates a high level of dedication and leadership to customer service and satisfaction. They practice a work and service environment that is respectful, supportive and approachable. This business should be known for their customer service and reliability through efficiency, engaging the customer, problem solving, and providing more than what is expected of them.

Professional Service Excellence Award – This award is to recognize a business in the professional sector that shows excellence in service and support to their customers. Professional service excellence is demonstrated through consistently delivering the highest level of service and a desire to improve service by continuously expanding their knowledge and skill. This business should exhibit high levels of standards in professional integrity. They should go above and beyond the standard level of service. This business is a role model within communities in the provision of excellent services.

Hospitality Excellence AwardThis award will be given to the restaurant that provides cuisine of an excellent standard, with a well thought out menu and is dedicated to using of local vendors. This business should also create a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere through a high standard of management.

MBOT Networking Excellence AwardThis award will be given to a business professional who shows a great amount of participation at various business and networking events. They demonstrate the ability to link individuals through networking aid in creating opportunities and foster awareness of the Mississauga business community through local involvement to networking organizations and professional groups.

Rising Star AwardThis award will be presented to a business that has been operating longer than one year but less than 5 years. The business has demonstrated strong potential via growth, innovation, and leadership. The business has demonstrated a culture of risk-taking and trailblazing, and has positioned itself to achieve similar successes in the future. Nominees must not be an expansion of an existing business, name change, or new location of an existing organization.

Home-Based Business Excellence AwardThis award will be given to the Home-based business who best demonstrates good customer relations and commitment to providing a good quality product or service.  This business shows a high level of community involvement and demonstrates innovative marketing strategies that works toward growing the business.