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    Barria Barre Yoga Studio

    The award-winning programs at Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts are exactly what you have been looking for! We invite you to immerse yourself in our unique Mississauga martial arts environment that overflows with positive energy and encouragement. If getting involved in martial arts is something you have always wanted to do or something your [...]

    106 Lakeshore Road East, Unit 209, 2nd Floor, Port Credit, ON, L3G 1E3
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    Lokaii Lifestyle Fitness Studio

    Feel the freedom. Discover the passion. Experience the dance. Dance. A funny thing happens when the music starts to play. The feet start to tap and the fingers drum the beat. You feel this irresistible rhythm resonate inside you and you know you must get up and dance. Just because you don't know how to, [...]

    3 Brant Avenue, Port Credit, ON, L5G 3N9