The Port Credit BIA employs one dedicated soul, who many recognize as our “Green Team”, and relies on a volunteer “Trash Walking Mom” (look her up on Facebook) to keep our streets litter free. Both are constantly battling a war against cigarette butts, popular coffee cups and so much more.

Trash Walking Mom, Cindy Wilding, also leads the Forest Avenue Eco Club where children learn about preventing litter and taking care of the world. Recently, she had the kids decorate old cans and we will be placing them around PC, focusing on the main culprits of cigarette butt litter. It’s a positive message and hopefully gets everyone thinking about solutions to littering.

Cindy encourages everyone to pick up three pieces of trash anytime you’re out and about. Then head over to her page and post a pic of your bounty with hashtags #litterfreePC and #Take3.

With a little bit of awareness and effort, we can all keep Port Credit litter free!

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