We’re moving!

Our new office at Clarke Memorial Hall is under construction and coming along nicely! While working in the lighthouse has been fun and novel, it’s time to move on to a bigger space. We visited recently and were amazed to see it taking shape. It’s all very exciting (and a tad stressful) but we’re still as focused as ever on all the incredible events coming up this summer.

3 Comments on “We’re moving!”

  1. Awesome!
    I am living just across the street from you.
    I love Port Credit,landed immigrant from the US.
    I will be building a business focused on SEO,Local SEO and social networking,so if you need any help in that area let me know.I am cheap,but do good work that you would pay more for elsewhere.
    I love the area ,and feel really at home here.
    Love your website.

  2. 完成度を極める為に彼女が行う仕事とは、実際にペンを紙に走らせ、ペン先の動きに目を凝らし、ペン先と紙が触れる際に生じる音に耳を済ませる。その感触に五感を集中させる。

  3. I hope you will get AC for yourselves. That building is known to be hot during the summer

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