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Julia Chatterji

I was asked by Jake to consider joining the board in March 2021, and I was honoured with being given the opportunity to become a Board Director for the BIA.  Becoming a small business owner for the first time in 2018 after many years in the corporate world, I was welcomed with mentorships and friendships from the BIA and its member businesses and clients and I will never forget that.  Without the help of the BIA, I wouldn't have been as sure-footed navigating opening a small business in the City.  This is the driving reason behind why I am so pleased to join the BIA.  I hope to be able to give back to my community and the member businesses by providing that support and guidance that I so cherish. 

I am a Board Director and I provide decision making support to the BIA while observing the mandates and policies set in place by the BIA members.  I am joining the BIA at a challenging time for all small businesses and I want to use my position to help advocate along with the BIA for our fellow small business owners who are going through the same struggles that we are going through.  My passions are marketing, project management, business design, advocating for environmental issues, diversity and inclusion and engagement of our clients and community so you will find me on the Marketing Committee, the Sponsorships Committee, and the Business Retention Committee.  I am also super passionate about the arts, so I am frequently involved in the arts based initiatives when we have them! I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know the community of Port Credit even more.