Steve Uhraney recently sat down with the Port Credit Business Associations manager, Ellen Timms, for an interview to answer 20 questions. Find out more about Ellen and projects she currently has on the go for the BIA. What is your current state of mind? Calm, cool and collected. What are the components of bliss? My mind at peace. If you could invite anyone from history to dinner who would it be? Marilyn Monroe What is the best piece of advice you were ever given, and from whom did you receive it? When I was a young entrepreneur in Port Credit and joined the PCBIA board, then Chair, Terry King who owned Stewart’s Hardware advised me to always be above reproach. It has kind of become my guiding principal. What is the one thing you’d change about yourself? Besides being insanely gorgeous and incredibly brilliant? I wish I was more organized and analytical at work. I’ve mastered it at home but my office desk is seldom clear. What is the most outrageous thing you’ve heard said about youself? That I’d make a good politician – lolll What would it take to make you go, WOW!!!? Winning the lottery… Fingers crossed. Who are your real life heroes? Easy – Everyday people in my life. I post every once in awhile on Facebook a shout out to friends who deserve a little recognition for simple acts – clearing a driveway, fundraising for a good cause, going the extra mile. What feature / quality do you find most interesting in another person? Charisma – some people just have it naturally. What word or phrase do you most overuse? You know… I fill my dead air space with it. I’m working on trying not to say it too much, you know? What is your earliest memory of childhood? Picking snails off a garden wall with my Nanny in England. I was very young, maybe two. I’m not sure why that memory is so clear in my mind. You have $100.00, what do you spend it on? A new purse. What has been your greatest memory? An evening in NYC with a group of girlfriends. e were relaxing after dinner in a lounge with great jazz playing and rain pouring on the windows. I felt so happy to be there. Read the the rest of the questions here in the original write-up.