Monday, May 14 2018. Today was the unveiling of a very special installation: the first LGBTTIQA2S picnic table in Mississauga- truly a powerful and unique project! This is a great testament to the diversity of people who have helped to bring this project to life.  In attendance were members of the LGBTTIQA2S community whose voices led to advocacy for visual reflection and representation of the LGBTTIQA2S community in our public spaces. City of Mississauga officials and staff, who help support our citizens effect positive change. Staff of Peel District School Board, and students of Peel Alternative School South, who turned the visions of others into a functional piece of art for the community to enjoy, and citizens of Mississauga who welcome this artwork into their community.
 “Every community seeks to see itself reflected in the larger community of which it is part. For example, at the most basic of levels, seeing one’s culture reflected in the food and décor in a restaurant! I explained that the LGBTTIQA2S community of which I was aware in Mississauga, saw nothing of themselves, as per my personal and professional observations, reflected in the public space of Mississauga. I shared the importance to me of seeing one solitary gay flag hanging on an apartment balcony, high in the air, just north of the Lakeshore. It meant so much! Perhaps it belongs to someone here today!” Jo Anne Beggs, Community Project Lead and Registered Social Worker.
The Port Credit Lighthouse will be lit in Pride colours on Thursday, June 28th for Pride Month. Pride Month is currently celebrated each year in the month of June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan. The Stonewall riots were a tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States. (View source).     *Photo Credit: Office of Mississauga- Lakeshore MP Sven Spengemann