Many of us are familiar with the Saturday morning ritual of fair trade coffee, fresh baked breads, and live, soulful music. The Port Credit Farmers Market continues this summer at the corner of Lakeshore Rd. E. and Elmwood Ave. Starting June 4 th and running through to October 8th, 8am – 1pm, you will find the parking lot filled with people from the Port Credit community and visitors purchasing all kinds of locally sourced goods. Local produce is the main draw with fruit and veggies picked from the growers that morning. From Tomatoes to Peaches, Berries to Cucumbers, Potatoes to leafy greens; the Port Credit Farmers Market covers the spectrum. New products at the Port Credit Farmers Market this season include: Gourmet Foods & Soups, Sauces, Rubs & Spices, Fresh Herbs and Heirloom Vegetables. Plus all of our old favourites: Honey, Maple Syrup, Back Bacon on a Bun, Gourmet Donuts, Trees, Flowers and Plants. Stick around for the free Workshops and Demos while the weekly musician serenades your morning shopping. Visit Artisans Row where we feature 4-5 local Artisans and crafters every week. Crafts and gardening are offered as Drop-in workshops just for the kids. While parking is limited, it is close enough for a stroll, bike ride or skate from any direction. Bring your reusable shopping bags and stock up for all your summer recipes.