Beauty of the East – Dolce De Soleil arrives #INThePort!

Journey to the beauty, dance, and celebration of the East!

Beauty of the East – Dolce De Soleil arrives #INThePort!

The beauty of the East is diversity, inclusion and equality. 

Dolce De Soleil Music is like the sweet sun and shares the same value of Canadian multicultural charm in the performances you will see.  Hear the all-time favourite melody from one of the most popular Hong Kong TV series’ theme songs. 

You will see Taiwanese native cultural songs that will motivate you to dance along.  Enjoy the beautiful Chinese colourful Folk Song Dance costumes and accessories, Fan and Sword Dances, Chinese Pipa Duo, Children’s Choir and Chinese Flute. 

Come join us for the music, the dance, Chinese body painting on your face, hands and shoulders. Lake, breeze, people, patios, and all the shopping and dining all nearby.

FREE Event!