Pastel’s Imaginarium – a traveling theatre and curiosity collection – has arrived in #INThePort!

PCBIA is delighted to have Andrew Gaboury and Frog in Hand perform this spectacular performance at the Port Credit Lighthouse on June 10, 2023, at 3:00 p.m.

Pastel’s Imaginarium – a traveling theatre and curiosity collection – has arrived in #INThePort!

Piloted by the illustrious trio Pastel, Bebung, and Snippet, join them as they explore local parks and festivals. Theirs is the realm of the imagination: what sorts of things will you find when you visit the Imaginarium?

Filled with humour, music, and non-verbal storytelling, Pastel’s Imaginarium will draw on techniques from clown, mime, dance and puppetry to create a site-specific spectacle for audiences of all ages.

Watch for a sneak peek at the Port Credit Farmers Market!

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Creative Team:

Andrew Gaboury
Derek Kwan
Callahan Connor
& the Frog in Hand Summer Company: KY Ayer, Amelia Brown, Danielle Davis, Kai Fitzpatrick, Clara Isgro, Jeffrey Lapira, Jaimee Leggett, Jianna Neufeld, Frederique Perron, Camille Scully

Outside Eyes:
Etenem Oton
Colleen Snell

Imaginarium Set Design:
Troy Hourie

Stage Production Workers:
Sophia Hassenstein
Aiyana Ruel

Assistant Costume Designers:
Aibrean Glaister
Daniella Browne

Funded by Mississauga Arts Council’s MicroGrant Program through the support of RAMA Gaming House - Charitable Gaming at City of Mississauga


Find it This Summer:

June 3 & 4 – Streetsville Bread & Honey Festival, Mississauga (wandering)
June 9 – Wee Festival Conference, Toronto
June 10 – Port Credit Lighthouse, Mississauga (3pm)
June 17 – Dufferin Grove Park w/ Clay & Paper Theatre, Toronto (2pm)
July 8 – Family Fest @ the Guild Festival Theatre, Scarborough (1pm, wandering)

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