Congratulations to the winners of our Amateur Photo Contest. We had over 100 submissions making this a very difficult yet exciting task for our judge to select the top ten. The top ten photos will be featured in our 2018 Port Credit Business Directory! Meet our winners…   Maliha Khalid “Port Credit holds a very special place in my heart. So many memories of trips to the water, ice cream treats, and growing older with the beautiful scenery and exhilarating culture. I always look forward to coming here with family and friends for a guaranteed fun time, and to make even more everlasting memories.”- Maliha   Ann Ivy Male   Somnath Bhattacharjee (Soms Clicks) “Port Credit to me is a city of the festival. A vibrant city full of enthusiastic people. The beauty of Lakeshore catches every heart. Port Credit is not only a city but a tourist attraction also. Walking beside the lake shows the perfect blend of modern infrastructure and natural beauty. Mesmerizing surroundings of Lighthouse near Credit River calls me every time”. – Somnath     Ruby Ob     Jack Kukolic “I grew up in Mississauga and Port Credit is a place that goes far back in my memories from when I was growing up.  From the occasional hockey game, to walks down the waterfront, Port Credit has always been such a beautiful place which inspired me to shoot “The Little Blue Bench.””- Jack, Youth Photographer Age 14. Founder of         Corrie Harding-Keizs   Gregory Koziol “Port credit is a wonderful living breathing and growing community, full of vibrant colors and exciting venues and events. Growing up here was a wonderful and pleasant time. It’s has gone through many transformations in the past 20 years and all for the better. It is very exciting to see what the future hold for this electric community.” -Gregory           Tim Smith